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  • Always reserve a minimum number of parts. Key components should be kept in the field for quick replacement, thus minimizing downtime.
  • Make sure that your equipment operators have received training in good working order and safety training.
  • In order to facilitate better equipment selection, please provide the following information in the consultation:
    ①be packaged materials and their properties;
    ② bag type and size;
    ③ packaging capacity requirements;
    ④ Packaging net weight and measurement accuracy Equipment spatial dimensions
    ⑤ reserved;
  • Kaiwei Company long-term with automatic weighing packaging palletizing production line physical prototypes, can strip the actual operation, welcome customers to come to our distance all-round inspection.
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Salt industry
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  工Industrial salt refers to crude salt, which consists of lake salt, well salt and sea salt and is one of the essential raw materials in the chemical industry.

  Due to change of temperature and humidity in packing environment, the salt mist corrosion is inevitably existed at the site of salt packing. The salt mist corrosion to the surface of metal material is caused by electrochemical reaction between internal metal and the chlorine ions contained therein penetrated the oxide layer and protective layer on the metal surface. Moreover, chlorine ions contain certain hydration energy, which is easy to be absorbed in the pores and fissures of metal surface, exclude and replace the oxygen in oxide layer, turn the insoluble oxide into soluble chloride, thus change the passivation state surface into active surface and cause serious adverse impact on the product.

  The complete set of equipment supplied by Kaiwei Company according to the nature of salt materials, packing environment, soft packing bags commonly used in the industry and other specific conditions focus on anticorrosion and is characterized by high automatic degree and good adaptability to packing bags etc. It can carry out fully automatic operation involving soft bag taking, handling, opening, attaching, opening trimming, heavy bag compaction, bag clamping and transfer, edge folding, label conveying, bag stitching and other actions, reducing the labor intensity significantly and improving the enterprises’ automation level in packing operation.

-Sausage casing salt
- granulated salt
- salt for livestock
- powdery salt
- leather salt
- pickling salt
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Full-automatic packing unit
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